Broken Garage Door Springs Aurora, CO

Broken garage door springs are one of the most common repairs the technicians at Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service in Aurora see. Garage door springs are what allows your overhead door to operate properly. Without them, you’d have to manually lift your door every time you want to use it! If your garage door isn’t operating properly and you think there might be a broken spring, give the professionals at Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service a call.

How to Tell Which Garage Door Spring is Broken

Garage door springs are often one of the first parts of the garage door system to break as they are the most used part when operating the door. There are two types of springs on your garage door. Each one plays a crucial role in the operation of your door. Broken garage door springs are often due to the wear and tear that your garage door spring goes through day in and day out.

If you are wondering how to tell which garage door spring is broken, we’d first recommend making sure no one will be opening that garage door while you are inspecting your door. Garage doors are VERY dangerous which is why we strongly recommend having a professional come out to your Aurora home to figure out which spring is broken. Carefully inspect the overhead door and parts and note any peculiar things, like a break in a spring or any loose or missing screws. One common sign homeowners have reported as being the key indicator that a spring had broken is if there is a loud ‘bang’ when you try to open your garage door.

There are two main types of springs used for an automatic garage door; two extension springs and one or two torsion springs, depending on the garage door. But how do you tell which garage door spring is broken?

Broken Torsion Spring

broken-torsion-springA broken torsion spring can spell disaster for your garage door if not fixed. The torsion spring is vital to your garage door opening and closing with minimal effort from you or your garage door opener. This is the spring that runs across the top of the door. Do you ever wonder why you can lift a 100+ pound garage door with relative ease? It’s because of the garage door torsion spring. The spring is tightly wound and if that spring is too tight your garage door may not stay up all the way, possibly keeping your vehicle stuck in the garage. Torsion springs are typically built to last up to 20,000 cycles, which is one opening and one closing.

Broken Extension Spring

garage-door-extension-springs-residentail-commercialThe other type of automatic garage spring is the extension spring. Two extension springs hold onto the garage door cables on the garage door track (side of garage).  Each spring is essential to the safety and functionality of the door. Extension springs can go out faster than torsion springs as they are typically built to last about 10,000 cycles. When springs break, they can be very violent for the homeowner, garage itself, and the garage door repair tech. When looking to have extension springs repaired, keep in mind that these springs rely heavily on choosing the appropriate weight. Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service has the technicians fit for the job and will know the appropriate spring weight your garage door will need.

Professional Technicians

Even if you are a DIY person, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT try to fix your broken garage door spring by yourself. These springs have a lot of energy stored up, and one mistake could result in a severe injury or worse. Our professionals at Rocky Mountain Garage Door have been highly trained and have the knowledge to fix your garage door without harming themselves or you. they all have the proper equipment and parts to handle all types of garage door repairs safely.

If you are in need of garage door spring repair service, contact Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service in Aurora, CO. We have been servicing all types of door springs since 1972. Our service is above all else.

For quality, reliable broken garage door spring repairs, contact Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service or stop by our HUGE showroom. We will provide you with the service you need to get your garage door spring replaced to get your garage door back up and running properly.