Broken Garage Door Cable Aurora, CO

Garage doors are made up of many parts that all need to work together in order for the door to operate correctly. If one piece is out of alignment or is broken, the overhead garage door won’t function right. The cables on the overhead garage door are one of those parts that allow your door not to open and close properly if something is out of alignment or broken. Garage door cables get used every time the door opens and closes. When the overhead garage door does not open, perhaps the cable has worn down as it gets used regularly. If you are experiencing a broken garage door cable on your Aurora home’s garage door or commercial building door, contact Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Broken garage door cables are one of the most common types of repairs needed to be done on overhead garage doors. Every time a garage door is opened and closed, the cables are running. Garage door cables are what operates to pull up the door into the open position. When they begin to fray, they will soon snap causing the overhead garage door to either not open or come crashing down; potentially injuring someone beneath it. If you start to notice wear and tear on the garage door cables or the garage door cable snapped, contact Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service.

A garage door cable repair can be very dangerous and quite costly if not done correctly.  We recommend having a professional from Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service come out to your Aurora home or commercial building to repair the garage door cable. We can come out and install new garage door cables to replace the broken garage door cables. Don’t put your family at risk of having the garage door come crashing down on them. If you are a do-it-yourself type person, let us know! We can help guide you and sell you the correct materials and supplies needed for a garage door cable repair done by yourself.

Overhead doors are very heavy and can do quite the amount of harm if they are not working properly. When your overhead garage door gets older, it is important to have routine service calls done on it to ensure that all parts are in good, operating shape. Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service recommends having ALL cables replaced at the same time. We strongly recommend having a professional come out to your Aurora property and repair or replace the broken garage door cable as working with garage doors can be very dangerous however we do offer the needed materials to replace it yourself. The cables are under a great deal of tension that is created by the springs.  If these snap or get caught, you could severely harm yourself. DO NOT attempt to repair any broken garage door cable alone.

If you are in need of an overhead garage door cable repair service, contact Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service in Aurora, CO. We have been servicing all types of overhead garage doors since 1972. Our service is above all else.

For quality, reliable broken garage door cable repairs, contact Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service or stop by our HUGE showroom. We will provide you with the service you need to get your overhead garage door back up and running properly.