Garage Door Extension Springs Replacement Aurora, CO

garage-door-extension-springs-residentail-commercialGarage door extension springs are essential to the safety and operation of your Aurora garage door. Broken extension springs can cause all sorts of problems and frustrations and they make it difficult to open your garage door. Unlike a torsion spring, extension springs wear out faster. When your garage door extension springs need to be replaced, call Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service. Our technicians have years of experience replacing damaged or broken extension springs. We have extension spring replacement parts for every size, make and model of overhead door. Whether you need a replacement spring for your home or commercial garage, Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service can help you out!

Difference Between Garage Door Torsion and Extension Springs

The torsion spring is the main spring of your garage door. This is the one that allows you to easily open and close your door manually with little to no effort. When the torsion spring breaks, your garage door won’t open. When replacing the torsion spring, we recommend having a professional who knows what they are doing replace it for you.

Extension springs are long, lighter springs that run perpendicular to the garage door. There are two extension springs on your Aurora home’s garage door. These run alongside the garage door tracks and stretch to help lift the garage door. They don’t do as much of the lifting as a torsion spring however they play a critical role in the operation of the overhead door. If you start to notice your garage door becoming ‘jerky’ while opening and closing, the extension springs are about to break. Call a Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service technician right away!

Replacing Garage Door Extension Springs

When it comes to replacing garage door extension springs, turn to a professional. Although these can be a DIY project, springs are dangerous. Extension springs snap when they break, and you could get injured if you do not know how to properly replace them.

If you decide to attempt to replace the extension springs yourself, you’ll want to make sure you properly measure your springs to ensure you get the right ones. Extension springs aren’t under as much tension as a torsion spring however they can still be very dangerous. We recommend having a professional from Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service replace the extension springs on garage doors.

If your Aurora home or commercial garage door isn’t opening or closing, perhaps a spring has broke. Give Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service a call today or visit our showroom to find the right size replacement spring.