Vertical Lift Garage Doors Aurora, CO

If you work in the industrial industry, often you are loading and unloading from a warehouse that needs taller height clearances. A vertical lift garage door from Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service gives the extra height clearance and creates easy work flow when loading and unloading shipments. If your Aurora commercial warehouse needs a new vertical lift door or are looking to have one installed, contact Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service. We have been servicing and installing vertical garage doors for over 40 years!

Increase Usable Space with a Vertical Garage Door

Vertical garage doors operate like a standard door lift or a high lift garage door but they do not have any curved portions on their tracks. Vertical garage door tracks are usually installed in industrial settings, specifically warehouses, as they need to be able to get large loads in and out of the building. Vertical garage doors also efficiently use space in warehouses when they are used as dock doors. They also allow for increased height clearance when entering and exiting. Vertical garage door tracks operate by opening straight up, rather than curving, and angle slightly backwards to allow the door to close as a wedge.

A vertical garage door track is mounted directly to the wall. This means that a vertical garage door track can only be installed in a building that has enough headroom to run a garage door track up the wall above the door opening. You also will need to have a new garage door opener installed as one for a standard lift garage door will not be strong enough to open a vertical lift garage door.

When installing your new vertical lift garage door, we strongly recommend that you have a professional from Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service come in and install it for you. Messing with any garage door is dangerous enough however, a vertical garage door is one of the most dangerous to install yourself. Not only is a vertical garage door super heavy, the parts installed to operate your door are very dangerous and can take off your fingers and can severely injury you. DO NOT ATTEMPT to install a vertical lift garage door by yourself. Give Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service a call for help installing or repairing your Aurora vertical garage door.

If you are looking to have a vertical garage door installed or need service done on yours, give Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service a call.

Vertical Lift Garage Door