Garage Door is Stuck

When your garage door is not working, it can really slow your day down. If your overhead garage door appears to stuck, here are some garage door troubleshooting options for your stuck garage door that you can try before calling Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service to come out and help you repair your garage door.

Overhead Garage Door Troubleshooting

Some issues that could be causing your garage door to stick when opening are having weak batteries in your remote garage door opener, not having enough garage door lubrication on the overhead garage door track, or your garage door is unevenly hung.

We advise you to first check the batteries, sensors, and switches on your Aurora overhead garage door. If you don’t have a remote garage door opener, make sure there is nothing in the way of the wheel track on your overhead garage door. If something is in the way, your garage door will not open properly all the way and will result in a stuck garage door. Switching out the batteries in your garage door opener and clearing the garage door track is the easiest fix for your Aurora home or commercial buildings stuck garage door.

Sticky tracks, wheels, and chains often serve as culprits for a stuck garage door; however, with a little lubrication to these parts, your overhead garage door will be operating at full speed once again. With the harsh winters and warm summers in Aurora, CO, lubricating the wheels and tracks of your overhead garage door every six months will help prevent your garage door from sticking.

Another common garage door problem that makes your overhead garage door stick is that during installation, your overhead garage door was not installed correctly and therefore it is hanging unevenly. One way to check that your overhead garage door is evenly hung is to look at all the cables and springs holding up your garage door. Make sure they all appear to be the same length and have the same springiness from side to side. This is often harder to assess by yourself however, our technicians know how to properly measure each spring and cable and can do it for you.

If it turns out that your overhead garage door appears to be even, your batteries are fresh in your garage door remote, and you’re still experiencing a stuck garage door or a sticky garage door, give Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service a call.

We have over 40 years of experience in repairing stuck garage doors. Call Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service today to set up an appointment to repair your stuck garage door.